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Connect Turntable To Sonos The Easy Way (Multiple Options Jun 08, 2020 THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION THAT IS - … Sonos CONNECT The Sonos CONNECT™ is designed to be used with an exte rnal amplifier. It contains both analog and digital outputs so you can easily connect it to your existing audio equipment. • Use a CONNECT to listen to music in a room where you already have an amplifier, such as your home theater system or the stereo system in your family Best Sonos Speakers of 2020 - SoundGuys

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Come June, Sonos is splitting its ecosystem in two. Here's Jan 24, 2020 Sonos Connect Setup

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the Sonos connect would not have any affect on how your speakers work. think of the connect as a CD player, you connect it to a cd port or aux port on your receiver and the music from the Sonos app will play thru the speakers connected to that receiver. you cannot connect Sonos to your upstairs set up thru wifi, the Sonos app only works with Sonos One setup guide - Team Knowhow