ioctl(SIOCADDRT) device route: Network is down by Michael A. Pack » Wed, 15 Jul 1998 04:00:00 : After having compiled my new 2.1.108 kernel with ppp-2.2.0f (and later with

Bringing up eth0:1 SIOCGIFADDR: Cannot assign requested Jul 05, 2010 Ethernet Not Working in Petalinux 2017.3 Kernel | Zedboard Hi, all. I'm working with a production silicon UltraZed, and while I can get the ethernet working in u-boot so that I can tftboot the kernel, I cannot get the ethernet working in the kernel. During kernel boot, I get the following messages: libphy: Fixed MDIO Bus: probed macb ff0e0000.ethernet: Not enabling partial store and forward libphy: MACB_mii_bus: probed macb networking - WiFi connecting, but no Internet access - Ask Since a few days, my pc running 16.04 cannot access the Internet anymore. I have tried disabling Ipv6, swapping the USB network adapter and changing the power management behavior, but none worked. All other devices connected to the WiFi have Internet access, even the Windows 10 installation on the same pc. Some info: USB network adapter: tl

Hi, >>What an ifconfig give you ? ifconfig eth0 eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found >>Did you compile it in the kernel ?

Aug 11, 2015 · INTERFACE-NAME: Specify interface name such as eth0; For example if your router IP address is type the following command as the root user: # route add default gw eth0 OR use hostname such as dsl-router: # route add default gw dsl-router eth0 Jan 03, 2011 · Understanding SIOCADDRT: File exists Message. SIOC: Serial Input Output Controller. ADD: ADD (addition). RT: RouTe (routing ip). File exists – Routing is already configured so delete wrong one and add the new one. Display Current Routing Table SIOCADDRT:No Such Process gw 后指定ip 必须和 em1 或者 em2 同一个网段. SIOCADDRT:No Such Device dev 后指定设备 必须是已经存在的网卡

解决方法:比如你要添加的网关是10.9.39.250 但是本机没有10.9.39段的网卡sudo route add dev eth0然后再sudo route add default gw防止重_siocaddrt: no such process

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