In both the UK and the US it's specifically prohibited, by the Police and justice act 2006 in the former, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse act in the latter. Most other countries have similar laws. As for international DDoS, it depends on whether

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Section 43 of the new law says if a police official believes that an offence under the law has been or is being committed at a certain place, or there is a possibility of committing crimes or

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Operation Payback - Wikipedia Law firms. On September 21, 2010, the website of United Kingdom law firm ACS:Law was subjected to a DDoS attack as part of Operation Payback. When asked about the attacks, Andrew Crossley, owner of ACS:Law, said: "It was only down for a few hours. DDos Attack ! - Technical Support - 3DXChat Community To your first part -> DDoS is punishable by law in about every modern country. Random google search shows 10 to 30 years in prison + penalties upwards to 250 000 $ obviously It's case by case and I am no lawyer just good old google jutsu. DDoS-for-hire takedown! 34 arrests made by Europol, FBI Dec 13, 2016 Law Enforcement Agencies Are Going After Hundreds of DDoS