Dec 01, 2018 · Cara Menghapus Cache Browser Safari. Buka tab History yang ada di atas menu dan pilih Clear History. Pada jangka waktu (timeframe), pilih opsi all history jika ingin menghapus sejak data pertama. Secara otomatis, Safari menghapus semua history, cache, dan cookies tanpa mengharuskan Anda untuk memilih salah satu. Klik Clear History. Jun 05, 2020 · View your browsing history and delete specific sites In Internet Explorer, select the Favorites button. Select the History tab, and choose how you want to view your history by selecting a filter from the menu. To delete Sep 05, 2019 · Under the history page, click on Clear Recent History option. If you want to avoid the steps as mentioned earlier, then “Ctrl+Shift+del” is the shortcut key to reaching the Clear history section. Under the clear history section, you will be asked to select the time range from when you want to clear your history. Jan 14, 2020 · Note: If you want Microsoft Edge to clear your browsing history every time you leave the application, press the slider below “Always clear this when I close the browser.” This can be helpful if Windows 10 is slow and you visit many websites during each session. Mozilla Firefox. The procedure for deleting browsing history in Mozilla Firefox

Delete your activity automatically. You can automatically delete some of the activity in your Google Account. On your computer, go to your Google Account. On the top left navigation panel, click Data & personalization. Under "Activity controls," click Web & App Activity or YouTube History Manage Activity.

The History drop-down menu includes a Recent Historylist. Click the Show All Historybar at the bottom of that list to open the Library window. Tip:it is also possible to perform the same operation quickly using the shortcut Ctrl+ Shift+ H. Pressing Ctrl+ Hcommand+ shift+ Hwill open your History in a sidebar.

Click History History. On the left, click Clear browsing data. A box will appear. From the drop-down menu, select how much history you want to delete. To clear everything, select All time. Check the boxes for the info you want Chrome to clear, including “browsing history." Learn more about the types of browsing data you can delete; Click

Nov 19, 2018 · To clear all your visits in Mozilla Firefox, tap “Clear browsing history” at the bottom of the History menu. You can also tap and hold a History item to delete only this specific one. Aug 07, 2019 · Even if you only use the internet sparingly, you’ll need to clear your web browser history once in a while. Learn why this is an essential step in keeping your laptop or mobile device running efficiently, and read the step-by-step guide to getting it done. Clear History in 60 seconds flat! It doesn’t matter if you are on a mobile device, tablet or PC, simply follow these Step-By-Step Instructions Guaranteed to work. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Apr 24, 2017 · Browsing History. In your browser window, click on the icon of the three horizontal lines arranged on top of one another. Click ‘History.’ Select “Clear Recent History….‘ Using the “Time range to clear” and “Details” options, select how much history stored by Firefox and what types of information you’d like to delete. Simply click History on the top menu, and then click Clear History on the bottom of the list that appears. Just in case you did not know, Safari is now freely available for Windows users. It is one of the best browsers when it comes to protecting your search history and enabling private browsing. Detalji o sistemu: Windows 7; Firefox 50.1.0; Više detalja o sistemu Dodatni detalji o sistemu Instalirani priključci. Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 15.23.20053